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Partner & Co-Owner of Snow Allure Premium Vodka

Deshae Maitland CEO Dynasty Co-Owner Snow Allure

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Dynasty events is a Toronto based hospitality group with big aspirations that specializes in nightclubs and entertainment. Deshae maitland is the founder and CEO who’s a nightlife enthusiast and entrepreneur who has a impressive portfolio and a lot of moving parts in it. He built his company to be the biggest brand to promote nightclubs in the 21st century. dynasty is an award winning best marketing company. One thing worth noting is that the company won this award not only once but five consecutive years in a row at the Toronto nightclub awards. Recently partnered with a premium vodka company called snow allure to add under his resume.


Over 1 million in sales under 12 months


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Gabriel Eid

Last night was truly an experience like no other. Not only was the price more than reasonable, it also included transportation there and back! The ride to and from the event was just as crazy and incredible as the club itself. With an AUX cord available, everyone is turning up, getting along and bumping tunes. The bus ride was the highlight of my night.

Once arrived, Deshae had everything already set up and prepped for us. The club was popping and the music was exactly what you ask for when you go out. If you’re anything like me, you want the music to be something you can dance to, not just throw your fist up in the air for 5hours. There was a good variety of genres, most notably was the exceptional mixes to reggae, soca, reggaeton, and hiphop.

Everything went above and beyond my expectations, and I must say I was truly impressed. It was punctual, well organized, and most importantly it made me want to go again. It was without a doubt worth the money.

Steven Ali

Event planned very quickly and efficiently. Provided me with all of my requests and offered the me the perfect event for a reasonable price.

Duane Rehberg

From running all ages parties to doing 19+ events, Deshae has really grown as business man and treats his clients with respect. Always puts them first always, no complains. All the best 5 out 5 stars for their service!

Jonathan Taylor

I have personally booked 2 birthday parties through Dy- Nasty Events & Deshae , and every time it exceeds my expectations! Deshae is always there to add insight and offer amazing advice, not to mention the fact that he is a blast to party with. Deshae is great with working around budgets, and gets me the most bang for my buck! I would definitely recommend Dy-Nasty Events