How it all began…

Dynasty events is a Toronto based hospitality group with big aspirations that specializes in nightclubs and entertainment. Deshae maitland is the founder and CEO who’s a nightlife enthusiast and entrepreneur who has a impressive portfolio and a lot of moving parts in it. He built his company to be the biggest brand to promote nightclubs in the 21st century. dynasty is an award winning best marketing company. One thing worth noting is that the company won this award not only once but five consecutive years in a row at the Toronto nightclub awards. Recently partnered with a premium vodka company called snow allure to add under his resume.

Dynasty Team

Meet the Founder
Deshae Maitland
5x award winning promoter
Partner & Co-Owner of Snow Allure Premium Vodka

Deshae is the founder of Dynasty Events. He is a full time entrepreneur and started in the nightlife business at just the age of 14 years old. Mr Maitland continues to specialize in all avenues of event planning revolving nightclubs. He is now prepared to take his company to new heights and bring others along with him.

Deshae stands as a distinguished figure in the nightlife scene, a seasoned entrepreneur with a remarkable portfolio boasting multifaceted success. Through his strategic acumen, he transformed his company into the premium brand for nightclub promotions in Toronto. Under his leadership, Dynasty has earned its place as an award-winning, top-tier marketing group, securing the coveted title not just once but for an impressive five consecutive years at the esteemed Toronto nightclub awards, a testament to Deshae’s enduring success and influence.

CJ Griffith
Nightlife Manager

Cj is the nightlife manager of Dynasty Events. He is a full time student at Seneca College building system engineering tech. Cj plays on the varsity soccer team at Seneca College. He started working in the nightlife business at the age of 18 as a bar-back at El Jefe located in Mississauga, Ontario. As time passed CJ became a promoter for Dynasty Events by the age of 19.

Ritz Carlton
Head Promoter

Ritz is the head promoter for Dynasty Events, he started in the nightlife business a year ago at the age of 21. Mr Carlton continues to specialize in planning birthdays and continues to grow his cliental to create unforgettable experience for them.

Alexandre Armanios
Head Promoter

Alexander is a head promoter for Dynasty Events and has 4 years of experience of event planning under his portfolio. He pushes forward with the hope of becoming a club owner one day. He continues to specialize in private events for his clients and has become an important asset to the Dynasty Event Team.

Jacob Vet
Head Promoter

Jacob is one of a kind. He’s been running the Burlington location at porthouse for dynasty during the summer 2022. We are excited to see the growth and the strength he will bring  to the company in the future years to come in the nightlife business.

J Zip
VIP Host

Zip has proven his hard work and never giving up attitude by being on top of his goals and getting it done no matter what. Zip takes no for an answer and continues to shine in his position.

VIP Host

Tre started as a bar back to a bartender to a club promoter for Dynasty. He’s been behind the scenes busing tables to serving drinks to bringing people to the club. He loves the hospitality industry and is excited for what the future holds for him.

Jeevan Cheema
VIP Host

Jeevan saw a dynasty ad on Instagram hiring students in Toronto and he jumped on board for the opportunity right away. Ever since then he’s been killing it, producing great numbers and he’s been an awesome asset to the Dynasty team.

VIP Host

Kenny has been very consistent in the business and shown nothing but great work ethic. He shows up and gets the job done.

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